If you and your spouse know that clutter is taking some of the joy, time and energy out of your family, this episode is for you. Heather E. Clark breaks down the “why” and the “how to’s” in making your home a place where you’re available to have fun with your family, without the constant drain that clutter creates.

About Heather E. Clark:

Heather Clark is a mother and business woman who knows the importance of decluttering and organizing as it helps with your financial, physical, mental and emotional health.

You don’t need more stuff rather, use what you already have in more efficient ways. Keeping it simple and back to the basics.

She is on a mission to bring importance to relationships, rather than material items.

#DeclutterYourLife starting with the home office.

Where you can find Heather E. Clark online:

Facebook Page

In This Episode: 

• Using decluttering as therapy and a way to recharge
• Ease of focus comes with a blank slate
• Parent’s role in making de-cluttering a natural rhythm of the family
• Gaining more time with family, through decluttering
• The importance of story pieces in your home



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The Challenge:

Make an action plan with your spouse to declutter your home.

Listen Now:

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